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ChatDOC: A Comprehensive Guide to the AI-based File-Reading Assistant

Explore your documents with ChatGPT-powered ChatDOC


ChatDOC is an AI-powered file-reading assistant built on ChatGPT, providing users with several unique features to efficiently extract, locate, and summarize information from various documents. Here are the key features:

  • File-Reading Assistance: ChatDOC allows users to upload a diverse range of documents such as research papers, books, and manuals, and generates easy-to-understand answers to any questions about these files within seconds.
  • Follow-up Queries: Users can start a thread to ask follow-up questions, enabling the AI to clarify or expand on previous responses.
  • Multiple Files Query: This is a novel feature that allows users to upload a collection of files and chat with them all at once. Each file collection serves as a customized database, enabling effortless knowledge acquisition through conversational interaction.
  • AI Explanations of Selected Sections: Users can select specific tables or text, ask targeted questions, and receive more accurate answers.
  • Fact-Checking with Cited Sources: All responses from ChatDOC come with direct citations extracted from the files, facilitating fact-checking and ensuring the accuracy of AI interpretation.
  • Four Ways to Make Queries: Users can take advantage of suggested queries, ask about full text, inquire about selected text, and query across multiple documents.
  • Two Ways to Dive Deeper: By starting a thread or citing the same quote, users can explore specific topics more thoroughly.
  • Writing Better Prompts: ChatDOC offers guidance on how to improve prompts for better answers. Users can request summaries, explanations, search/locate information, and brainstorming assistance.


ChatDOC offers several notable benefits to its users:

  • Efficient Document Exploration: ChatDOC helps users rapidly explore and understand the content of multiple documents, saving substantial time and effort.
  • Improved Learning: By breaking down complex documents into easily comprehensible responses, ChatDOC enhances users’ learning experiences.
  • Contextual Follow-up: The ability to start a thread for follow-up questions ensures continuity and depth in understanding specific subjects.
  • Facilitated Fact Checking: Direct citations provide users with the means to verify the information, thus increasing trust in the responses generated by the AI.
  • Customized Databases: The creation of a customized database from a file collection enables seamless, conversational knowledge acquisition.

Real-world applications

Here are some examples of how ChatDOC can be used in real-world scenarios:

  • Academic Research: Researchers can upload a collection of research papers to ChatDOC and get summarized responses on specific topics, saving time typically spent reading each document.
  • Technical Assistance: Technical support teams can upload product manuals and quickly find solutions to customer queries.
  • Educational Aid: Students can use ChatDOC to generate study guides, get explanations of difficult concepts, or even create exam questions based on uploaded course material.


ChatDOC operates on a freemium model. The free version allows users to upload two files per day, limited to 50 pages per file, with up to 50 questions per day. However, for a more extensive experience, users can opt for the Pro version. For $5.99 per 30 days (20%+ off limited-time early-bird offer), the Pro version offers several enhanced features such as:

  • Upload up to 300 files per 30 days
  • Up to 300K tokens/doc or docx
  • Maximum 500 pages per file
  • Up to 300 questions per day
  • Up to 30 files per collection
  • Access to beta features

Discounts and promotions

ChatDOC is currently offering a limited-time early-bird offer for its Pro subscription, providing a 20%+ discount on the standard price. This means users can take advantage of all the Pro features for just $5.99 per 30 days instead of the usual price.

In addition to this, students and educational institutions can enjoy further discounts. ChatDOC is committed to making its tool accessible to students to aid in their learning process. Thus, it provides a 30% discount to students who sign up with their university email addresses.

How to Use ChatDOC

Getting started with ChatDOC is quite simple:

  1. Upload a Document: Begin by uploading a document to ChatDOC. The system accepts various formats such as PDF, DOC, and DOCX.
  2. Ask Questions: You can then type in your question about the uploaded document. Your question can be specific or general based on your requirement.
  3. Get Answers: ChatDOC will promptly analyze the document and provide a response to your question, citing the relevant part of the document.
  4. Follow-up Queries: If you want to know more about a specific answer or topic, you can start a thread for follow-up questions.
  5. File Collection: You can upload multiple files related to a specific topic to create a customized database and chat with them all at once.

User Support

ChatDOC provides extensive user support to ensure a smooth user experience. It offers an FAQ section that covers common questions and technical issues. For further assistance, users can contact the support team through the “Contact Us” page or the live chat feature.

In addition, ChatDOC offers a comprehensive guide on how to improve prompts for better answers. This includes instructions on how to request summaries, explanations, and locate information, among others.

The Future of ChatDOC

Looking forward, ChatDOC intends to further improve its AI capabilities, refine its user interface, and add more value-added features based on user feedback. It also plans to integrate with other popular platforms to allow users to import documents directly from cloud storage services, enhancing the convenience and user experience.

The development team is working on expanding the file format support to include presentation formats like PPT and image files like JPEG and PNG that contain text. This would make ChatDOC even more versatile, catering to a wider range of user needs.

In summary, ChatDOC offers an innovative, user-friendly solution for anyone looking to delve deep into complex documents without having to spend long hours reading. Its AI capabilities provide accurate, summarized responses that facilitate learning and understanding. With its competitive pricing and commitment to user satisfaction, ChatDOC is set to become an invaluable tool for students, researchers, professionals, and anyone in need of an efficient document exploration tool.

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