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CastMagic: Audio to Content Transformation Tool

Castmagic audio content repurposing AI


CastMagic offers a unique solution to transform audio files into various forms of content. This tool primarily serves to convert spoken audio, like podcasts or YouTube videos, into a range of digital assets like transcripts, summaries, social media posts, and more. It functions as a web-based application, allowing users to upload audio files or link to online content for processing.

Features & Benefits

  • Transcript: Provides high-quality transcripts of recordings, labeling different speakers.
  • Magic Chat: A ChatGPT-like feature tailored to your audio file for generating diverse content assets without token limits.
  • Custom Prompts: Allows full control over AI prompts to tailor content outputs.
  • Timestamps & Notes: Breaks down recordings into detailed timestamps and shownotes for easy reference.
  • Shownotes: Instantly generates shownotes and episode descriptions.
  • Quotes & Clips: Identifies meaningful quotes in the audio, complete with speaker names and timestamps.
  • Social Media Assets: Creates content formatted for platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn, along with short-form clips.
  • Summaries: Condenses long-form audio into succinct summaries with key points highlighted.

CastMagic Tasks

  • Transcript creation
  • Custom content drafting
  • Shownote generation
  • Quote extraction
  • Social media post formulation
  • Audio summarization

CastMagic Integrations

  • Zapier (for syncing with Zoom, Drive, etc.)

Real-world Applications

CastMagic can be significantly beneficial for various industries. Content creators can use it to repurpose podcast or video content into blogs or social media posts, enhancing their digital presence. In the corporate sector, it’s useful for summarizing meetings and creating actionable notes. Coaches and educators can generate summaries and reports from their sessions, while sales teams can efficiently produce follow-up emails and call summaries.

Who is CastMagic for

  • Podcast hosts
  • Video content creators
  • Marketing professionals
  • Sales teams
  • Coaches and educators
  • Meeting facilitators

Pricing & Discount

CastMagic offers three pricing tiers with a 40% discount on annual subscriptions.

PlanMonthly MinutesMonthly PriceAnnual DiscountKey Features
Hobby200$3940% OffAll Content Outputs, Custom Prompts
Starter500$9940% OffAll Content Outputs, Custom Prompts
Rising Star1500$29940% OffAll Content Outputs, API Access

CastMagic Free version

Not available


  • Limited minutes per month depending on the subscription plan.
  • Might not fully capture the nuances of human speech in transcriptions.
  • Dependence on audio quality for accurate content generation.


Users might have concerns regarding:

  • Data privacy and how their audio files are handled.
  • The accuracy of AI-generated content, especially in nuanced contexts.
  • Compatibility with different audio formats and languages.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for CastMagic could include:

  • Advanced AI algorithms for better context understanding in transcripts.
  • Integration with more platforms for wider accessibility.
  • Enhanced language support to cover more regional dialects and accents.

How to Use CastMagic

  1. Upload or Link Audio: Provide your audio file or link (e.g., YouTube, MP3).
  2. Select Desired Outputs: Choose the type of content assets you need.
  3. Receive Content: CastMagic processes and delivers the content.

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