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BlogGPT is an AI writer specifically designed for creating original, SEO-friendly blog posts. Unlike general AI copywriting tools, BlogGPT focuses on producing content that feels 100% human. It serves the content marketing teams and independent bloggers, helping them generate unique blogs effortlessly.

Features & Benefits

  • Original Content Creation: Generates unique, high-quality blog posts that stand out.
  • Blog-Specific AI Training: Over 3000 hours of training ensure the content is optimized for blogs.
  • Creative Brainstorming: Utilizes advanced techniques for generating innovative ideas.
  • Quick Content Delivery: Crafts quality content in just 30 seconds.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simple two-step process for creating content.
  • Mobile Support: Write on-the-go with a mobile-friendly platform.

BlogGPT Platforms

  • Web app, Mobile-friendly

BlogGPT Tasks

  • Generate original blog posts
  • Create SEO-friendly content
  • Produce human-like written material

BlogGPT Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine a content marketing team or a freelancer, under a tight deadline, needing several well-researched, original blog posts by the end of the day. BlogGPT comes to the rescue, delivering articles that resonate with their target audience in record time. Or consider an independent blogger traveling, struck by inspiration while on a train. With BlogGPT’s mobile-friendly platform, they jot down their ideas, and within minutes, a polished blog post is ready to be published.

You can use BlogGPT to draft an amusing series titled “When Historical Figures Text.” Imagine Cleopatra’s emoji-laden messages to Julius Caesar or Albert Einstein’s witty chats about modern science. This imaginative use of BlogGPT not only entertains but sparks conversations and interest in history and science in a fun, relatable way.

Who is BlogGPT for

  • Content Marketing Teams
  • Independent Bloggers

Pricing & Discount

Free$0/month400 AI credits at signup
Plus$15/month800 credits per month
Pro$30/monthUnlimited AI creationArticles of up to 8000 words

BlogGPT Free version



  • Limited AI credits on the Free plan.
  • Advanced features reserved for the Pro plan.


Users might have concerns regarding:

  • Data privacy and how their content is managed.
  • The learning curve for optimizing the tool’s use.
  • Compatibility with existing content management workflows.

Potential Future Developments

Incorporating feedback loops could be beneficial, where users can refine AI-generated content based on specific tones or styles they prefer. Also, direct integration with popular content management systems such as WordPress could streamline the publishing process further.

Explore how BlogGPT can transform your blog writing process, delivering unique and engaging content effortlessly.

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