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Binko Chat: Bridging Language Barriers Through AI

Mobile translation chat app powered by AI


Binko Chat is an AI-powered translation and chat app available on iOS and Android, designed to break down language barriers worldwide. With support for a wide range of languages and available in almost all countries, it leverages cutting-edge technology for instantaneous and accurate translation.


Broad Language Support

Binko Chat supports a wide array of languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese, Khmer, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, and many others.

Accurate Translation

The translation app excels in translating diverse linguistic nuances, such as slang, idioms, colloquialisms, and professional jargon, accurately and fluently.

Group Chats

Binko Chat enables users to engage in group chats in multiple languages, facilitating real-time translated chat messaging for efficient communication.

Binko Pro

The Pro version offers additional features catered towards professionals, schools, and enterprises, including business translation APIs, higher quality translations, and secure encryption.


Binko Chat serves as a robust tool for cross-cultural communication, effectively eliminating language barriers. Its ability to accurately translate a wide array of linguistic nuances empowers users to communicate naturally, regardless of language differences.

Real-World Applications

You can use the app to easily communicate with new friends who speak a different language.

In addition, Binko Chat finds its applications in numerous domains such as education, healthcare, and business, where it aids in real-time communication across different languages. For instance, doctors can use the app to converse with patients who speak different languages, and businesses can utilize it for international collaboration and communication.

Limitations and Concerns

As with any AI-based translation tool, the accuracy of translations in Binko Chat may vary, especially when dealing with nuanced linguistic elements. Additionally, the reliance on AI could raise privacy concerns for some users, particularly in the context of sensitive professional conversations.

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