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BetterLegal Assistant: Simplifying Legal Jargon for Everyone

Better Legal Assistant AI


BetterLegal Assistant is an innovative Chrome Extension aimed at simplifying legal language. By harnessing the power of advanced large language models and generative AI technology, it can translate dense and complicated legal text into understandable, everyday language. A key feature is its ability to decipher contracts, agreements, official documents, terms of use, and privacy policies. Users copy the legal text, paste it into the assistant, and click “Explain” to generate the simplified version.

This AI-powered assistant also includes a unique “Pirate Mode,” which transforms the translated text into pirate-speak, adding a fun and light-hearted twist to legal text comprehension.


The main benefit of BetterLegal Assistant is its ability to democratize the comprehension of legal documents, empowering users by breaking down the barriers of legalese. By translating complex jargon into clear and concise terms, it ensures that users are well-informed and not left in the dark when reviewing legal documents.

This tool helps users understand general legal concepts and terminology, saving them time and effort by providing accessible explanations of legal text. In terms of how to summarize a legal document, BetterLegal Assistant offers a solution that identifies key clauses, terms, and conditions within these documents.

Real-world Applications

BetterLegal Assistant can be used in various real-world scenarios, such as when signing a lease agreement, reviewing an employment contract, or understanding a company’s terms of service or privacy policy. In all these cases, understanding the legal implications is critical, and BetterLegal Assistant can make this task more manageable. For instance, if you’re unsure about how to summarize a legal document, the tool can help by breaking down complex terms into more straightforward language.


Every new user starts with 50 free credits on BetterLegal Assistant, with 1 credit equivalent to 1 explanation of legal text. Additional credits can be earned by completing tasks that promote the extension, like inviting friends or leaving a review on the Chrome Web Store.


While BetterLegal Assistant is a powerful tool, it does have some limitations. It cannot provide specific legal advice tailored to individual circumstances or guarantee 100% translation accuracy due to potential AI model nuances or context misinterpretations. It also cannot replace professional legal consultation in complex or high-stakes situations. Further, it does not account for jurisdictional differences in legal terminology, which can vary between states or countries.


Potential users might be concerned about the limitations mentioned above, especially the lack of 100% accuracy in translation and the inability to replace professional legal counsel. There could also be concerns regarding data security, as users are required to paste their legal documents into the extension.

Potential Future Developments

In the best-case scenario, BetterLegal Assistant could further develop its AI algorithms to increase translation accuracy and include support for more legal languages. It might also expand to include features like contract analysis and contract creation, helping users draft legal documents focusing on crucial elements. These advancements would make it an even more valuable tool in making legal language more accessible to the general public.

How to Use BetterLegal Assistant

To use BetterLegal Assistant, head to the Chrome web store, install the extension and signup for the service (required). Then all you have to do is simply select and copy a piece of legal text within your browser, paste it into the extension, and click “Explain”. The AI will then process the text and provide you with a simplified version in your browser.

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