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Beeyond: Daily Tasks AI Assistant


Beeyond is your go-to AI digital assistant, designed to seamlessly blend into various aspects of your life and work. With capabilities ranging from converting voice notes into coherent text, unleashing your artistic potential, to chatting with PDFs, Beeyond is tailored to enhance your writing, social media engagement, travel planning, culinary explorations, and much more. Dive into books and movies, and supercharge your productivity with Beeyond’s intuitive and versatile tools.

Features & Benefits

Beeyond’s wide array of features ensures that it has something to offer for everyone:

  • AI Editor: Refine and polish texts with ease, including sophisticated translation and rephrasing options.
  • Audio Notes: Effortlessly transcribe spoken words into text, making note-taking simple and efficient.
  • Art Studio: Explore your creativity with tools designed for photo restoration and digital art creation.
  • Chat with PDF: Interact dynamically with PDF files to extract information, summarize content, and conduct research.
  • Custom Character Bot: Design personalized AI characters for unique interaction experiences.
  • Writing: Elevate your writing across various formats, ensuring your content stands out.
  • Social Media: Enhance your presence on social media platforms with content designed to engage and captivate.
  • Food & Nutrition: Discover and create nutritional masterpieces with guided meal planning and innovative recipes.
  • Travel: Plan your travels with AI-generated itineraries enriched with historical insights and factual information.
  • Books & Movies: Gain deeper understanding of literary and cinematic works with comprehensive summaries and discussions.
  • Legal: Navigate the complexities of legal documentation with tools designed for ease and accuracy.
  • Productivity: Boost your efficiency with a suite of productivity-enhancing tools, from AI coaches to flashcard generators.

Beeyond Platforms

  • Web app

Beeyond Tasks

  • Convert voice to text
  • Generate art and restore photos
  • Interact with PDFs for information retrieval
  • Create personalized AI characters
  • Optimize social media content
  • Plan meals and track nutrition
  • Develop travel itineraries
  • Summarize books and movies
  • Assist with legal documents
  • Enhance productivity through various tools

Beeyond Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world Applications

Beeyond’s diverse features make it a valuable tool across different domains:

  • Academic Support: Assists students with study materials and research.
  • Creative Projects: Empowers artists and writers with tools for creation and editing.
  • Professional Efficiency: Streamlines tasks for professionals with document management and productivity tools.
  • Personalized Entertainment and Learning: Enhances leisure activities like cooking, reading, and movie-watching with insightful guides and summaries.

Who is Beeyond for

  • Students
  • Artists and Writers
  • Professionals
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Travel Enthusiasts
  • Culinary Enthusiasts

Pricing & Discount


Beeyond Free version – Not available


While Beeyond offers a broad range of features, users might experience limitations in specialized areas that require niche expertise, particularly in highly technical or academic research fields.


Users may have concerns regarding:

  • The depth of content analysis and summarization for complex materials.

Potential Future Developments

Future updates could focus on:

  • Enhancing the depth and accuracy of content analysis and summarization capabilities.
  • Broadening the scope of specialized fields, catering to more niche academic and professional needs.

Unlock the full potential of your productivity and creativity with Beeyond. Whether you’re managing documents, planning your next project, or exploring new hobbies, Beeyond offers the tools and support you need to succeed. Sign up today and transform the way you work and play.

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