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Bayesian Health – Empowering Healthcare through Intelligent Care Augmentation

A Look into Bayesian Health's Adaptive AI Platform for Intelligent Care Augmentation in Healthcare

Bayesian Health AI platform


In recent years, the healthcare industry has been transformed by technological advancements that aim to improve patient outcomes and optimize clinical operations. One of the latest and most innovative solutions is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare. In this article, we will explore Bayesian Health, an adaptive AI platform that enables Intelligent Care Augmentation through accurate & timely delivery of actionable clinical insights.

Understanding Bayesian Health

What is Bayesian Health?

Bayesian Health is a healthcare technology company that uses AI to transform healthcare data into clinical insights. The platform empowers physicians and care teams with real-time data to catch life-threatening events early, resulting in better patient health outcomes.

How does Bayesian Health work?

The adaptive AI platform of Bayesian Health provides Intelligent Care Augmentation by continuously monitoring the entire patient population in a hospital’s Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. It looks for indications of disease progression or clinical deterioration in vitals, lob results, imaging studies, notes, consultations, etc. When the platform detects markers for deterioration, it delivers alerts to members of that patient’s core team within the clinicians’ workflow. Clinicians are prompted to complete a short questionnaire to add clinical impressions to the data. Based on the provider’s response, Bayesian’s AI system resolves the issue either through an intervention or by learning from the provider’s decision.

How does Bayesian Health Adaptive AI work

The Need for Bayesian Health

Health AI’s Potential

While the potential of Health AI to transform healthcare is high, there have been significant challenges in its implementation. False alarms, complicated integrations, lack of adoption, and unclear impact have plagued the industry.

Limitations of Legacy Health AI

Bayesian Health has distinguished itself from legacy Health AI by effectively monitoring, tuning and improving its performance over time. This is a significant improvement over previous models that have grown to be associated with lower accuracy, higher false-alerting rates (leading to alarm fatigue) and higher instances of over-treatment.

Bayesian Health’s Intelligent Care Augmentation

Targeted Real-Time Early Warning System (TREWS)

Bayesian Health’s Targeted Real-Time Early Warning System (TREWS) integrates within a hospital’s EMR system where it analyzes patient data, sending accurate and actionable clinical signals within existing workflows to empower* physicians and care team members to catch life-threatening complications early.

Alarms and Intervention

Bayesian Health’s AI directs the attention of the clinician to patients at high risk. Clinicians are encouraged to interact with Bayesian and do not feel pressure to agree with the care signals. Bayesian’s AI thinks like a clinician by considering multiple data points in concert rather than individually. Clinicians use the platform as an extra set of eyes and ears.

Proven Outcomes

Reduced Mortality Rates

Ground-breaking new research associates decreased mortality with the use of Bayesian’s clinically deployed AI platform. The platform has been built on a foundation of decades of industry-leading, multidisciplinary academic and clinical research in the field, resulting a 30% reduction in in-hospital mortality rates across different patient populations.

Improved Health Outcomes

Bayesian Health has also demonstrated improvements in health outcomes across various conditions, including sepsis, heart failure, and respiratory failure. For example, the platform has led to a 20% reduction in sepsis-related mortality rates and a 50% reduction in length of stay for heart failure patients.

Enhanced Patient and Provider Experience

By providing real-time insights and alerts, Bayesian Health enables care teams to be proactive rather than reactive, resulting in better patient outcomes and a more positive experience for both patients and providers. With the platform’s seamless integration within existing workflows, clinicians can easily interact with the system without adding additional administrative burden or changing their routines.


Bayesian Health’s adaptive AI platform provides Intelligent Care Augmentation by analyzing vast amounts of patient data in real-time, detecting markers for deterioration, and delivering accurate and actionable insights within existing workflows. The platform’s Targeted Real-Time Early Warning System (TREWS) enables clinicians to catch life-threatening events early, leading to improved patient outcomes and reduced mortality rates. With its proven outcomes and seamless integration within existing workflows, Bayesian Health is empowering healthcare providers to transform the delivery of care and ultimately improve patient outcomes.

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