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Avaturn: Realistic 3D Avatar from Photo

Create Customizable Avatars in Seconds for Your Metaverse or App

Avaturn3D avatar creator


Avaturn is a powerful avatar creator and avatar system designed for games, apps, and metaverses. This versatile tool utilizes generative AI technology to transform 2D photos into remarkably realistic 3D avatars. Whether you’re a game developer looking to enhance user experiences or an individual seeking a lifelike representation in virtual spaces, Avaturn has you covered. Avaturn supports a wide range of platforms, including WebGL, Unity, Unreal, React Native, Android, and iOS, making it a valuable asset for various applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Realistic 3D Avatars: Avaturn leverages generative AI to create stunning 3D avatars from 2D photos, ensuring an accurate representation of individuals in virtual environments.
  • Customization Galore: Users can personalize their avatars to an unprecedented degree. The avatar creation platform offers options for adjusting body types, hairstyles, clothing, and accessories, providing over 10,000 unique looks.
  • Seamless Export: Exporting avatars is a breeze. Users can export their 3D avatars to popular 3D environments like Blender, Unity, Unreal Engine, Maya, and Cinema4D.
  • Animation-Ready: The AI-generated 3D vatars come equipped with a standard humanoid body rig, ARKit blendshapes, and visemes. They are compatible with Mixamo animations and VTubing software, making them ready for dynamic interactions.
  • Plugin Integration: Game and app developers can easily integrate Avaturn as a plugin, allowing them to transform gamers into in-game characters while preserving their unique identities.

Real-world Applications

Avaturn’s versatility extends to various industries and applications. It can be beneficial for:

  • Gaming: Enhance the gaming experience by allowing users to become characters in the virtual world.
  • Metaverse Development: Avaturn contributes to the creation of immersive metaverse environments where lifelike avatars are essential.
  • App Development: Apps across different domains can incorporate Avaturn to offer users customizable avatars, adding a personal touch to their interactions.

Avaturn Scenarios

Virtual Classroom Engagement: In a virtual classroom, educators can use Avaturn to create personalized avatars for each student. This fosters a sense of presence and engagement, making online learning more interactive. Students can see their avatars in a virtual classroom environment, enhancing the overall educational experience.

Virtual Real Estate Tours: Real estate agents can employ Avaturn to create avatars for potential buyers. These avatars can explore virtual properties, providing a realistic perspective of the space. Buyers can even customize their avatars to visualize themselves in their future homes.

Fashion Showroom Try-Ons: Fashion brands can utilize Avaturn to allow customers to virtually try on clothing. Users can create avatars with their own body types and features, enabling them to see how different outfits look on them before making a purchase.

Health and Fitness Apps: Fitness apps can integrate Avaturn to offer users customized workout avatars. These avatars can mimic users’ movements, providing real-time feedback and guidance during workouts, making home fitness more engaging and effective.

Virtual Job Interviews: Companies conducting remote job interviews can use Avaturn to create avatars representing interviewers. This adds a personal touch to virtual interviews, making candidates feel more connected and comfortable during the process.

Virtual Medical Consultations: In telemedicine, doctors can use Avaturn to create avatars that resemble patients. This enhances the doctor-patient interaction by providing a visual representation of the patient, even in remote consultations.

Gaming Avatars with Real Faces: Gamers can merge the real and virtual worlds by using Avaturn to create avatars that look exactly like them. These avatars can then be used in various games, adding a new level of immersion and personalization to the gaming experience.

Virtual Event Networking: Attendees of virtual conferences and networking events can use Avaturn to create avatars that resemble themselves. These avatars can move around in a virtual event space, allowing users to interact with others in a more personal and engaging way.

Museum and Art Gallery Tours: Museums and art galleries can employ Avaturn to enhance virtual tours. Visitors can create avatars to explore the exhibits, ask questions, and receive information from virtual tour guides, creating a more immersive and educational experience.

Pricing & Discounts

Avaturn offers several pricing tiers:

  • Basic (Free): Includes unlimited avatars, unlimited exports, 150+ HD garments and hairstyles, integration examples, and Discord support.
  • PRO ($800/month): Offers up to 6,000 avatars per month, customization options like adding your logos and colors, API and SDK for UX/UI customization, and dedicated support via Slack or Discord.
  • Enterprise: Tailored solutions are available for those with specific needs, including additional requirements, full-body scans, dedicated cloud servers, and custom terms and conditions.

Here’s a concise pricing table for easy reference:

BasicFree– Unlimited avatars – 150+ HD garments and hairstyles
PRO$800/month– Up to 6,000 avatars/month – Customization options
EnterpriseCustom pricing– Tailored solutions for specific needs


While Avaturn offers a wide range of features and benefits, it’s essential to be aware of its limitations:

  • Learning Curve: Users unfamiliar with 3D modeling may find Avaturn’s features challenging to navigate initially.
  • Resource Intensive: Creating highly detailed avatars can be resource-intensive, potentially impacting system performance.


Users may have valid concerns regarding Avaturn:

  • Data Privacy: Users should be cautious when uploading personal photos, as they are required for avatar creation.
  • Usability: Some users may find Avaturn’s interface and customization options overwhelming.
  • Compatibility: Ensure your chosen platform supports Avaturn before integrating it into your project.

Potential Future Developments

Looking ahead, Avaturn could further enhance its capabilities based on industry trends and user needs. Potential developments include:

  • Enhanced Customization: Avaturn could offer even more options for personalization, including finer details and accessories.
  • Improved Performance: Continued optimization to make avatar creation faster and more efficient.
  • Expanded Integration: The 3D avatar creation tool may expand its compatibility with other emerging platforms and technologies.

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