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AudioPen: Converting Voice Notes to Clear Text


AudioPen is an AI web app that converts voice notes into clear, shareable text. Users can record their thoughts, and AudioPen transforms their spoken words into written notes, removing unnecessary fillers and repetitions. This AI tool is ideal for creating meeting notes, memos, emails, and articles from voice recordings.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple Recording Process: Just hit record and start talking.
  • Clear Summarization: Transcribes voice notes into clean, summarized text.
  • Filler Word Removal: Automatically cuts out ‘umms’, ‘likes’, and repeated chunks.
  • Customizable Styles (Prime): Rewrite notes in the style of popular authors.
  • Variable Note Lengths (Prime): Adjust the detail level of the transcriptions.
  • Multilingual Support (Prime): Write and translate notes in multiple languages.
  • Zapier Integration (Prime): Export notes to over 5000 apps.
  • PWA: Install on any device with minimal storage requirements.

AudioPen Platforms

Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, web app

AudioPen Tasks

  • Convert voice notes to text
  • Remove filler words from transcriptions
  • Summarize spoken content
  • Customize note style and length
  • Translate notes into multiple languages
  • Export notes to other apps via Zapier

AudioPen Integrations

  • Zapier

Real-world Applications

AudioPen is useful in various scenarios. Lawyers can dictate case notes, and the AI tool will summarize them for easy reference. Writers can quickly jot down ideas without worrying about grammar or structure. Meeting participants can record discussions and receive clear, concise minutes. Language learners can practice speaking and receive written feedback in their target language. Using AudioPen to turn your random thoughts into a Shakespearean sonnet also could be an idea for your next blog post.

Who is AudioPen for

  • Lawyers
  • Writers
  • Speakers
  • Thinkers

Pricing & Discount

Yearly Pass$991 year
2 Year Pass$1592 years

AudioPen Free version



  • No offline functionality
  • Limited to web app usage only
  • Dependent on the internet for voice-to-text conversion


  • Data privacy: Relies on cloud processing
  • Usability: Requires clear speech for best results
  • Compatibility: Web app might not suit all users
  • Learning curve: Users must adapt to voice recording practices

Potential Future Developments

  • Adding offline functionality to enhance accessibility
  • Expanding integration options beyond Zapier
  • Introducing voice editing capabilities for more precise control over transcriptions

Discover the ease of turning your spoken words into organized text with AudioPen, whether you’re capturing meeting notes, drafting emails, or penning your next article.

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