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Ai-SPY: Authenticating Audio in a Synthetic World

Ai generated audio detection - Ai-SPY


Ai-SPY is an AI-based tool designed to help users distinguish between human-generated and AI-generated audio. Leveraging a proprietary algorithm trained on tens of millions of samples, Ai-SPY’s Audio AI Detection System accurately identifies the nature of audio waveforms. This platform allows you to upload audio files to determine whether they are AI or human-generated.

Features & Benefits

  • Audio AI Detection: Accurately determines the origin of audio as either human or AI-generated.
  • Proprietary Algorithm: The algorithm is trained on a massive dataset, ensuring high accuracy.
  • Easy Upload: Simple interface allows quick uploading of audio files for analysis.
  • Sliding Percentage Scale: Provides quantified results indicating the likelihood of an audio file being manipulated.
  • Risk Mitigation: Helps to mitigate risks associated with fraudulent audio or misrepresentation.

Real-world applications

Ai-SPY can be a valuable asset in a variety of industries. Media companies can use it to authenticate interviews or other types of audio content. Law enforcement agencies may find it useful in forensic analysis to confirm the credibility of audio evidence. Additionally, businesses can use it for internal communication audits or to protect proprietary information. In education, it can help in maintaining the authenticity of spoken assignments or interviews. Finally, podcasters or YouTube creators could use Ai-SPY to ensure the credibility of their content.

Pricing & Discount

Ai-SPY is in beta and is currently free to try.


  • Limited to Audio: Currently, Ai-SPY is restricted to analyzing only audio files, not video.
  • Algorithm Sensitivity: May produce false positives or negatives due to algorithmic limitations.


  • Data Privacy: While the platform does analyze audio, the company has not made it clear how long the data is stored or used.
  • Usability: Those not familiar with AI concepts may find the sliding percentage scale confusing.
  • Compatibility: No information is provided about file formats that can be uploaded for analysis.

Potential Future Developments

Given the trend towards more realistic AI-generated audio, Ai-SPY may develop more refined algorithms. There might also be a potential expansion into video authentication based on user demand and technological advancements.

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