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AskJack: AI HR Assistant


AskJack is an AI-driven tool designed to assist HR departments by automating responses to frequently asked employee questions. It integrates with workplace platforms like Slack and Teams, allowing HR professionals to focus more on strategic initiatives by reducing the time spent on routine inquiries.

Features & Benefits

  • Automated Question Handling: Automatically answers common HR queries to reduce repetitive tasks.
  • Employee Onboarding Support: Provides instant access to necessary HR documents and resources during the onboarding process.
  • 24/7 Availability: Offers round-the-clock HR assistance without the need for human presence.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Generates reports on common questions and identifies gaps in existing HR documentation.
  • Document Management: Maintains a centralized document repository that helps in managing and recommending HR documentation.
  • Scalable HR Assistance: Scales HR support as the company grows, accommodating an increasing number of inquiries and documents.

AskJack Platforms

Slack, Teams (coming soon)

AskJack Tasks

  • Answer HR-related questions
  • Automate employee onboarding
  • Provide 24/7 HR support
  • Generate data-driven insights
  • Manage HR documents

AskJack Integrations

  • Slack
  • Teams (coming soon)

Real-world applications

In a bustling HR department, repetitive inquiries consume significant time. With AskJack, when an HR professional is asked, “What is the leave policy?” the tool swiftly provides the exact documentation. This ensures consistent and accurate information is shared, increasing efficiency. Further enhancing its utility, The AI HR assistant could also notify HR when an unusual or new question arises, suggesting areas where company policies might need clarification or expansion. Perhaps one day, it could even tackle existential office questions like why meeting rooms are always booked but mysteriously empty.

Who is AskJack for

  • HR professionals
  • Small to large businesses
  • Teams using Slack or planning to use Teams

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice/MonthQuestions/MonthDocumentsAnalyticsAdmin Accounts
Small Biz$99Up to 1,000Up to 20Basic1
Startup$299Up to 3,000UnlimitedAdvanced3
Enterprise$599Up to 6,000UnlimitedAdvancedUnlimited

AskJack Free version

Not available


  • Limited to questions and documents as per the selected plan.
  • Dependent on the quality and comprehensiveness of the HR documents provided.


  • Data Privacy: Ensuring employee data handled by AskJack is secure.
  • Compatibility: Integrating seamlessly with existing HR systems.
  • Cost Efficiency: Assessing whether the cost-savings from automation justify the subscription fees.

Potential Future Developments

Future updates could include:

  • Expansion to other communication platforms beyond Slack and Teams.
  • Enhanced natural language processing for better understanding of complex inquiries.
  • Integration with HR management software for a more unified system.

Discover how AskJack can redefine your HR operations by focusing on strategic work rather than repetitive questions.

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