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Applai: Interview Prep AI


Applai is an AI-powered app designed to help job seekers prepare for interviews, craft standout cover letters, and ensure their CVs align with job descriptions. This toolkit is geared towards both job applicants aiming to land their dream jobs and recruiters looking to improve their hiring process.

Features & Benefits

  • Interview Question Generator
    • Generates personalized interview questions for job applicants.
    • Assists recruiters in creating effective questions for candidates.
  • Cover Letter Generator
    • Automatically crafts personalized and compelling cover letters.
    • Simplifies the cover letter creation process using the applicant’s CV and job description.
  • CV Check (CV Match Check)
    • Identifies and matches critical keywords from the job description with the applicant’s CV.
    • Enhances the applicant’s chances of passing initial CV screenings.

Applai Platforms

  • Web app

Applai Tasks

  • Generate personalized interview questions.
  • Create customized cover letters.
  • Match CVs with job descriptions.

Applai Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Applai helps job seekers present themselves as the best candidates by preparing thoroughly for interviews and ensuring their applications are complete (don’t forget professional headshots) and stand out. Recruiters can use the interview prep AI to streamline their hiring process by generating insightful questions tailored to each candidate.

Imagine a world where job preparation is as easy as baking a pie, where each slice represents a step closer to landing your dream job. For the adventurous at heart, why not use Applai to prepare for an interview to become an astronaut? Just think of the personalized questions and the stellar cover letter you could craft!

Who is Applai for

  • Job seekers
  • Recruiters

Pricing & Discount

PlanAI CreditsPrice

Applai Free version

Not available


Applai requires users to input their CV and job descriptions for some features, such as the cover letter generator and CV match check.


Users might have concerns about data privacy given the personal information entered into the app. Additionally, the effectiveness of the tool’s AI in varying job markets and industries could be a consideration.

Potential Future Developments

Adding a feature that provides feedback on interview performance or a real-time interview simulation could further enhance Applai’s offerings. Integrating with job boards for direct application submissions could streamline the job search process even more.

Unlock your job search potential and ace your next interview with Applai’s AI-powered job preparation tool.

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