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Anytalk: Real-Time Translation


Anytalk is a real-time translation browser extension that enables users to translate video and audio streams instantly. It supports six languages and offers a browser extension for easy access. Users can translate various online content, including YouTube videos, Twitch streams, and Google Meet sessions, with a brief delay of about 5 seconds. The app facilitates communication across languages by translating user voices in real-time, ensuring seamless interactions.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-Language Support: English, Spanish, Russian, German, Chinese, Korean.
  • Real-Time Translation: Translates video and audio streams with a minimal delay.
  • Voice Translation: Allows users to communicate in different languages by translating their voices in real-time.
  • Free Browser Extension: Provides easy access to translation features without cost.
  • Privacy-Focused: Does not save conversation records, ensuring user privacy.
  • Low Translation Delay: Aims to minimize translation latency to enhance communication efficiency.
  • Regular Language Updates: Plans to add a new language every month to expand user accessibility.
  • Secure Communication: Uses a secure WebSocket connection for data transmission.

How it works?

  1. Download and install: First, head to the Google Store and download the Anytalk browser extension. Follow the instructions provided by your browser to install the extension.
  2. Open Content: Open the web page that contains the video or audio content you wish to translate. Remember, due to Google’s policy, audio can only be captured from the tab where the extension was activated.
  3. Activate Anytalk: Click on the Anytalk extension icon in your browser to activate it.
  4. Select Languages: Choose the languages you’re translating from and to.
  5. Enjoy Real-Time Translation: Once activated and configured, Anytalk begins translating the content in real-time. There’s a brief delay of about 5 seconds, but it allows for seamless understanding of the content or communication.
  6. Voice Translation for Communication: If you’re looking to communicate with someone in a different language, ensure both parties have the Anytalk extension installed. It captures the user’s voice, translates it, and plays it back

Anytalk Platforms

  • Web app, plans for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

Anytalk Tasks

  • Translate video and audio content in real-time
  • Voice-to-voice translation
  • Instant translation for meetings, lectures, streams, and videos

Anytalk Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

Imagine attending a virtual international conference without worrying about language barriers, thanks to Anytalk. Or perhaps you’re watching a live stream from a favorite content creator halfway across the globe, now fully understandable in your native language. Business meetings transform with Anytalk, where real-time translation paves the way for global partnerships, free from misinterpretations. Even more casually, binge-watching foreign films or educational content becomes a breeze, opening up a new world of entertainment and learning opportunities.

And for a bit of fun, think about using Anytalk to finally understand what your international friends are saying about you on their streams; or better yet, prank them by speaking their language fluently overnight!

Who is Anytalk for

  • Anyone who enjoys international content
  • Business professionals in multinational companies
  • Educators and students in international settings
  • Travelers and expatriates seeking to overcome language barriers
  • Content creators looking to reach a broader audience

Pricing & Discount

300 minutes$5/month

Anytalk Free version

Not Available ❌


  • Currently supports 6 languages, with plans to expand.
  • Real-time translation features require both parties to have the extension installed.


  • Data privacy is paramount, addressed by not saving conversation records.
  • Usability across different platforms, with ongoing development for broader compatibility.
  • Cost might be a concern for frequent users, balanced by the subscription model.
  • A learning curve in utilizing advanced features efficiently.

Potential Future Developments

  • Voice Cloning: To personalize voice translations further.
  • Meeting Notes Organization: Leveraging translations for efficient note-taking.
  • Expanded Language Support: Continuously adding new languages for broader accessibility.

Discover the power of seamless communication with Anytalk. Break down language barriers and explore a world of content today.

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