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Animate 3D AI Motion Capture Animation

AI-Powered Motion Capture

Animate 3D AI platform

Animate 3D by Deepmotion is a cloud-based platform that leverages AI technology for motion capture, allowing users to create 3D animations from video clips without requiring specialized equipment, suits, or cameras. This platform has diverse applications, including game development, augmented and virtual reality, sports analysis, and more.


Simple AI Motion Capture

Users can easily create 3D animations by uploading a video clip, selecting output formats and job settings, and running the process.

Advanced Controls and Flexibility

Animate 3D offers features like Physics Simulation, Foot Locking, Hand Ground Contact, Slow Motion Handling, Face & Hand Tracking for more control and flexibility in creating high-fidelity 3D animations.

Character Retargeting & Preview

Users can upload custom FBX, GLB, or VRM characters, use default characters, or create new models directly through Animate 3D. The AI will automatically retarget animations onto the custom characters.

Rotoscope Pose Editor

This patent-pending Rotoscope Pose Editor allows users to refine motion capture results by tracing the motion of their character directly over the input video, frame by frame.

Web Browser Access

Animate 3D is accessible through any web browser with an internet connection, without the need for specialized hardware or cameras.

Export to Common Platforms

Users can export FBX, BVH, GLB, and MP4 animations directly into popular platforms like Unity, Unreal Engine, Reallusion iClone, Blender, Daz 3D, and Maya.

Real-World Applications

  • Game development
  • Augmented and virtual reality experiences
  • Sports performance analysis.
  • Animation for film and television
  • Motion tracking research

Limitations and Concerns

  • Limited output formats (FBX, GLB, BVH, MP4)
  • Animate 3D relies on input video quality, which may affect the accuracy of motion capture results
  • Requires a stable internet connection for cloud-based processing
  • No offline version available

Future Developments

As Animate 3D continues to develop, users can expect improvements in AI algorithms, increased support for more output formats, and enhanced integration with popular platforms.

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