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Alli AI: SEO Optimization and Automation Tool

Alli AI SEO automation


Alli AI is a comprehensive tool designed to streamline and optimize SEO processes for businesses, agencies, and SEO teams. It serves as a multifaceted platform that simplifies the optimization, automation, deployment, and scaling of SEO efforts across any content management system (CMS). This platform operates primarily as a web application with a Chrome extension for live editing, targeting both technical and content-based SEO tasks.

Features & Benefits

  • Bulk Onpage Optimization:
  • Integrates with any CMS
  • Optimizes code site-wide efficiently
  • Live Editor:
  • Real-time content editing via a Chrome extension
  • Makes instant site changes without backend access
  • Real-Time OnPage SEO Deployment:
  • Enables instant deployment of changes
  • Separates SEO processes from CMS dependencies
  • Automated SEO A/B Testing:
  • AI-powered title optimization for better ROI
  • Continual adjustment to algorithm changes
  • Site Speed Optimizer (Coming Soon):
  • Promises to significantly reduce website load times
  • Schema Markup:
  • Automated and instant schema implementation
  • Increases search engine visibility and user engagement
  • Interlinks:
  • Automatic hyperlinking of related content within the site
  • Improves navigation and site structure for better SEO
  • Automated Site Changes:
  • Finds and fixes common SEO issues
  • Customizable rules for auto-approving changes

Real-world Applications

Alli AI’s versatile features make it applicable across various industries, including digital marketing agencies, e-commerce, consulting, and large corporations managing extensive online content. Its real-time editing and deployment capabilities are crucial for dynamic industries that require swift updates to stay relevant in search results. The automation of labor-intensive SEO tasks can save significant time and resources for SEO professionals, offering a competitive edge in optimizing web presence and enhancing visibility.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPrice per MonthSitesTeam MembersKeywordsPages

All plans include a 10-day free trial, with varying additional costs for extra sites, keywords, and page services.


Some potential limitations of Alli AI include the forthcoming nature of the site speed optimizer feature, which is not yet available but highly anticipated. Users may also find the initial setup and integration with existing CMS or systems challenging if not familiar with such processes. While Alli AI supports bulk changes, the quality of AI-generated suggestions may not always align with the nuanced needs of specific industries or unique brand voices.


Users may have concerns about data privacy, especially when integrating an external AI tool with their website’s backend. The reliance on Alli AI for SEO tasks might also raise questions about the control over content quality and the strategic direction of SEO practices. Compatibility with all types of CMS without requiring coding is a strong selling point, but it still demands a threshold of trust in the AI’s capability to understand and optimize for a website’s specific context.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements for Alli AI may include the integration of more advanced AI capabilities to further personalize SEO strategies, incorporating voice search optimization, and expanding the tool’s language support. Considering the trend towards mobile-first indexing, Alli AI might also develop features that specifically optimize for mobile platforms. As site speed becomes an increasingly critical factor, the completion and enhancement of the site speed optimizer feature could be a significant update.

How to Use Alli AI

To begin using Alli AI:

  1. Installation:
  • Add the provided code snippet to your site header on any website.
  1. Review:
  • Review and edit SEO code and content recommendations from the Alli AI dashboard.
  1. Approve:
  • Approve changes, and they will be implemented site-wide in minutes.

Best Practices for Alli AI

When utilizing Alli AI, consider the following best practices:

  • Regularly review automated recommendations for SEO before approving.
  • Monitor A/B testing results to ensure that changes lead to the desired outcomes.
  • Take advantage of the live editing feature for urgent content updates.
  • Use the schema markup automation to keep up with the latest standards without developer dependency.

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