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Algomo: AI-Driven Customer Service Automation

Algomo customer service AI chatbot


Algomo is a generative AI tool designed to automate customer service. It’s essentially a ChatGPT-like bot that can be integrated into websites to handle customer support queries. The platform claims to set up the first automation in as little as three minutes and boasts an average model accuracy of 92%. Algomo is suitable for businesses of all sizes, aiming to resolve a significant portion of customer support interactions through automation.

Features & Benefits

Algomo offers several key features:

  • Instant Resolutions: The bot answers repetitive questions, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction (CSAT) and employee engagement.
  • Automatic Triage: It labels, categorizes, and routes support interactions, leading to shorter handling times and fewer manual tasks.
  • Agent Assistance: Provides AI suggestions and live screen sharing to agents, enhancing response time and productivity.
  • Data Integration: Converts support articles, past conversations, and other resources into personalized answers.
  • Omnichannel Support: Supports multiple communication channels, including a business messenger, Slack, and email.
  • Seamless Handover: In cases requiring human intervention, Algomo can transfer conversations to the appropriate specialist.
  • Multilingual Capabilities: The chatbot understands over 100 languages, aiding international scalability.

Algomo integrations


Algomo’s integration capabilities enable businesses to enhance their customer experience (CX) and streamline operations through automation. By integrating with various widely-used platforms, Algomo becomes a more versatile and efficient tool for managing customer interactions.

  • Shopify: Enables live chat support directly on Shopify stores, facilitating real-time customer assistance and query resolution.
  • HubSpot: Integrates with HubSpot for seamless contact management, allowing users to create, update, and look up contacts directly through Algomo.
  • Google Analytics: Tracks and measures the impact of Algomo on website conversions, offering insights into customer interactions and engagement.
  • Slack: Offers convenient notifications and the ability to respond to conversations directly from Slack, enhancing team collaboration and response efficiency.
  • Zapier: With Zapier integration, Algomo connects to over 5,000 apps, expanding its functionality and adaptability to various business processes.
  • WordPress: Provides a simple setup for initiating chat conversations with website visitors on WordPress sites, enhancing visitor engagement and support.

Real-world Applications

Algomo is particularly beneficial for industries with high customer interaction volumes like e-commerce, banking, telecommunications, and hospitality. By automating routine queries, these industries can significantly reduce response times and operational costs while enhancing customer satisfaction. Additionally, its multilingual capabilities make it a viable solution for global businesses looking to provide localized support.

Pricing & Discount

Algomo offers three pricing tiers:

PlanPrice per MonthFeatures
Starter$9Unlimited live chat, 60 bot conversations, multilingual widgets, etc.
Pro$49Includes Starter features, plus 400 bot conversations, integrations with Zapier and Hubspot.
Scale$499Dedicated support, 5,000 conversations/month, custom features, API access.

Each tier includes a free starting option and varies in features like the number of bot conversations and integrations.

Discounts are offered for annual billing.


Algomo might not be ideal for businesses requiring highly specialized, industry-specific customer support interactions. Its automated nature might also not suit complex customer service scenarios where nuanced understanding and empathy are crucial.


Potential concerns with Algomo could include data privacy, especially when handling sensitive customer information. Users might also question the bot’s ability to seamlessly integrate with existing systems and its ease of use, particularly in settings with less tech-savvy staff.

Potential Future Developments

Looking ahead, Algomo could enhance its AI to handle more complex queries and integrate deeper emotional intelligence capabilities. Expansion of integrations with other business tools and continuous improvement in language models to support more dialects and colloquialisms are also potential areas of development.

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