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AIML API: Centralized Access to AI Models


AIML API provides a centralized platform that simplifies access to over 100 AI models through a single API. It offers seamless integration with existing OpenAI applications and promotes efficient resource usage with serverless computing, ensuring lower operational costs and consistent uptime.

Features & Benefits

  • Serverless Infrastructure: Eliminates the need for server management, reducing deployment and maintenance costs.
  • 100+ AI Models: Access a wide range of AI models including chat, image generation, and code, ready for immediate use.
  • Simple Pricing: Offers flat and predictable pricing, claiming to be the lowest on the market.
  • OpenAI Compatibility: Easily transition from OpenAI with minimal changes, supporting the same API structure.
  • Performance: Promises 99% uptime and three times faster response rates compared to standard APIs.
  • Cost Efficiency: Drastically reduce expenditure while maintaining high accuracy and speed.
  • Transparency and Tracking: Provides clear documentation and real-time tracking of API calls and token usage.

AIML API Platforms

Windows, Mac, Web app


  • Seamless transition from OpenAI services
  • Real-time analytics and performance monitoring
  • Access and manage over 100 AI models including chat, image, and code
  • Track API usage and manage costs efficiently

AIML API Integrations

  • API

Real-world applications

The AIML API is adept at serving developers across various stages of product development, from prototyping to full-scale production. For instance, a startup could utilize the “Mixtral 8x22B Instruct” model to enhance customer service without incurring the high costs typically associated with such advanced technology. Similarly, a graphic design firm might use “Stable Diffusion 2.1” for generating unique visuals at a fraction of the usual time and cost.

Large enterprises can leverage the robust “Code Llama Python (34B)” to automate coding tasks, significantly reducing human error and accelerating project timelines. Furthermore, marketing agencies could employ the “Falcon (40B)” chat model to automate interactions on social media platforms, ensuring 24/7 customer engagement without additional staffing.

And if you’re ever feeling nostalgic for the days of overpriced, underperforming tech solutions, AIML API’s cost-effective and efficient platform will quickly bring you back to reality with its superior performance and lower costs.

Who is AIML API for

  • Developers
  • Startups
  • Enterprises
  • Academic Researchers
  • Tech Enthusiasts

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceTokensAdditional Features
Start-Up$4.99 per week10 million AI/ML TokensOpenAI Compatibility, Serverless Access
Growth$99.50 per month200 million AI/ML TokensPriority Support, Crypto Payment Option
Enterprise$999.50 per month2 billion AI/ML TokensPersonal Manager, Priority in Feature Requests

AIML API Free version

Not available


The API limits depend on the selected pricing plan which restricts the number of tokens and access to certain features like personal management and priority support.


  • Data Privacy: The platform must ensure robust security measures to protect user data.
  • Usability: Requires some technical knowledge to integrate and utilize efficiently.
  • Cost: While cost-effective, the initial expense may still be a barrier for some users.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements could include:

  • Addition of more specialized models tailored for specific industries like healthcare or finance.
  • Expansion of the serverless offering to include more regions for even faster response times globally.

Discover a smarter way to integrate AI into your projects with AIML API—where affordability meets performance.

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