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AiApply: AI Job Application and Preparation Assistant


AiApply is an AI career assistant platform for job seekers. It provides a job application kit, AI job interview preparation, AI resume builder, AI cover letter generator, professional AI headshots, a global job board, resume hosting, AI interview buddy, and AI resume translator. The service aims to simplify and enhance the job search process.

Features & Benefits

  • Job Application Kit: Get a cover letter, resume, and follow-up email for specific job applications. Includes HR manager contact information.
  • AI Job Interview: Mock interviews to prepare users, expanding knowledge and confidence.
  • AI Resume Builder: Generates resumes quickly, with an AI editor and ATS-friendly format.
  • AI Cover Letter: Customizable, job-specific cover letters generated by AI.
  • Professional AI Headshots: Creates professional headshots from user photos for LinkedIn and personal branding.
  • Global Job Board: Matches users with job offers globally and allows application with one click.
  • Resume Hosting: Share resumes easily with a link and track when viewed by employers.
  • Interview Buddy: Personalized interview answers based on the user’s resume.
  • Resume Translator: Translates resumes into six European languages, maintaining ATS-friendly format.

AiApply Platforms

  • Web app, iOS (soon)

AiApply Tasks

  • Generate job-specific cover letters, resumes, and follow-up emails
  • Prepare for interviews with mock sessions
  • Create ATS-friendly resumes
  • Produce professional headshots
  • Match users with global job offers
  • Host and share resumes online
  • Provide real-time interview assistance
  • Translate resumes into multiple languages

AiApply Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

AiApply can benefit various industries by:

  • Helping job seekers streamline their application process.
  • Assisting HR professionals in identifying well-prepared candidates.
  • Aiding educational institutions by supporting students in their job search.
  • Supporting recruitment agencies with efficient candidate preparation.
  • Enhancing personal branding for professionals on LinkedIn.
  • Facilitating global job searches for individuals looking to relocate.
  • Improving interview performance for all levels of job seekers.
  • Providing non-native speakers with resume translation services.
  • Optimizing job application processes for busy professionals.
  • Enabling efficient job transitions with comprehensive support tools.

Who is AiApply for

  • Job seekers
  • HR professionals
  • Students
  • Career changers
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Professionals seeking personal branding

Pricing & Discount

I could use a job$19.93/month– Application Kit
– AI Job Interview
– AI Resume Builder
– AI Cover Letters
I need a new job$49.93/month– All in previous plan
AI Headshots
– HR Manager Search
– iOS Real-time Interview Help
– AI Resume Translator
– Premium Support

AiApply Free version

Not available

Free trials are available upon request.


  • Access to some features requires a premium subscription.
  • Real-time interview help and headshots are available only in the higher-tier plan.


  • Data privacy: Handling of personal data and documents.
  • Usability: Ease of use across various features.
  • Compatibility: Effectiveness of ATS-friendly documents across different systems.
  • Cost: Affordability for job seekers at different career stages.
  • Learning curve: Familiarization with the platform’s extensive features.

Potential Future Developments

  • Expansion of language options for the resume translator.
  • Integration with more job boards and HR systems.
  • Development of a wider range of customizable templates for resumes and cover letters.
  • Offering a dedicated app for Android users.
  • Enhancement of AI models for more personalized and effective job application documents.

Explore AiApply and discover how AI can enhance your job search experience.

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