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AI-Writer: Content Generation Tool


AI-Writer is a content generation tool that leverages artificial intelligence to create detailed articles from simple headlines. It includes verifiable citations and is designed to produce unique, SEO-friendly content.

Features & Benefits

  • Research & Write: Generates complete articles including sources just from a headline, making the drafting process faster and more reliable.
  • SEO-Focused Text Editor: Assists in crafting keyword-rich content that aligns with search engine preferences.
  • Verifiable Citations: Offers a list of sources for each article, allowing for accuracy checks.
  • Text Rewording: Provides a feature to reword existing content to avoid plagiarism.
  • Topic Discoverer: Helps identify trending topics and suitable subtopics for new content.
  • Article Tailor Workflow: Allows customization of articles, from keyword focus to subtopic arrangement and word count.

AI-Writer Platforms

  • Web app

AI-Writer Tasks

  • Generate full-length articles (upto 5000 words)
  • Improve article SEO
  • Verify article accuracy
  • Reword existing text
  • Discover article topics

AI-Writer Integrations

  • n/a

Real-world applications

AI-Writer is useful for various professionals including marketers, freelance writers, and researchers. For example, a marketer planning a new campaign can use AI-Writer to quickly generate and refine multiple articles, ensuring content is both engaging and optimized for search engines.

For researchers, the tool can streamline literature reviews by drafting summaries of existing knowledge, complete with citations, which can then be used as a foundation for further study.

Freelance writers can benefit by significantly reducing the time needed to create drafts, allowing them to increase their productivity and take on more clients.

Lastly, imagine a historian wanting to create a compelling narrative about lesser-known events; AI-Writer could assist by finding and suggesting new angles based on current search trends, perhaps even leading to a viral article about “The Most Mysterious Unsolved Puzzles of Ancient Civilizations”.

Who is AI-Writer for

  • Bloggers
  • Marketers
  • Academic researchers
  • Freelance writers
  • Content strategists

Pricing & Discount


Plan NamePrice per MonthArticles per MonthUsers
Basic$29Up to 401
Standard$49Up to 1203
Power$375Up to 100010

AI-Writer Free version

Not available


AI-Writer relies on its algorithms to understand and process user inputs and external data, which may sometimes limit the nuance and depth that expert human writers can offer. Additionally, while it updates frequently, its knowledge may lag behind very recent developments or niche research areas until sources are integrated into its database.


  • Data privacy: Dependence on external sources and user inputs might raise concerns.
  • Usability: New users might require time to familiarize themselves with all available features.
  • Cost: Higher-tier plans may be costly for individual users or small businesses.

Potential Future Developments

To enhance its appeal and functionality, AI-Writer could consider incorporating real-time data feeds, allowing it to integrate the latest news into articles as they are being written. Another beneficial feature could be the integration of multimedia content generation, like relevant images or videos, which would make articles more engaging and comprehensive.

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