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AI Query: Text to SQL Query Creation

AI-powered SQL Query Generator


AI Query is a text to SQL tool simplifying the process of turning simple English instructions into SQL queries. This AI tool is designed for users at any skill level, offering a straightforward way to create SQL queries directly from text.

Features & Benefits

  • Effortless Conversion from Text to SQL: Just type in what you need, and AI Query does the rest, translating your prompt to SQL.
  • Simple Database Setup: User-friendly database structure definition, thanks to an easy-to-navigate dashboard.
  • Translate SQL to Understandable English: If you ever need clarity on what a SQL command does, AI Query can translate the SQL back into plain English with the SLQ to text feature.
  • API Integration: API via Rapid API, enabling seamless integration into existing workflows.


  • Web app

AI Query Tasks

  • Convert text to SQL
  • Facilitating user-friendly database schema creation
  • SQL to text

Supported Databases

MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MongoDB, MariaDB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon RDS, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, Supabase, MongoDB, Aiven, CockroachDB, AlloyDB, Citusdata, AzureDB, Amazon Athena

Real-world Applications

Imagine you’re a project manager with no coding background, tasked with extracting specific data from your company’s database. With AI Query, you input a simple English request, like “Show me all sales in December 2024,” and receive a ready-to-use SQL query in seconds. No more waiting for IT support or sifting through complex SQL tutorials.

For educators, the tool serves as an excellent vehicle for teaching database concepts without the initial hurdle of SQL syntax. Students can focus on understanding data relationships and query logic before diving into the nuances of SQL.

A novelist could use the AI SQL tool to manage their character and plot databases, transforming their notes into queries like “Find all interactions between Character A and Character B” to help weave intricate storylines.

Who is AI Query for

  • Project managers
  • Educators
  • Students
  • Non-technical professionals
  • Novelists

Pricing & Discount

Pro$10/month or $100/year

AI Query Free version

Not Available


While the AI SQL tool excels at converting text to SQL for a broad range of queries, complex or highly specific database requirements might exceed its capabilities.

Future Directions

Enhancements could include broader database engine support and more nuanced explanations of SQL queries, further bridging the gap between natural language and SQL.

With AI Query, the journey from text to SQL query creation is not just efficient but also accessible, making it a valuable tool for database management and SQL learning.

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