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AI-coustics: Speech Quality Enhancement


AI-coustics enhances voice recordings to studio quality using AI. The audio enhancement AI tool offers a web application for creators and an API and SDK for developers to integrate speech clarity into their products.

Features & Benefits

  • Dynamic Noise Elimination: Detects and removes background noise for clearer original voice.
  • AI-Driven Audio Tuning: Fixes issues like loud cracks and echoes, making audio sound professional.
  • Smart Volume Leveling: Automatically adjusts volume levels for consistent loudness.
  • Custom Enhancement Strength: Allows precise audio enhancement with customizable settings.
  • Versatile File Support: Supports over 40 audio formats including MP3, MP4, and WAV.
  • Batch Processing Capability: Enhances multiple audio files simultaneously, up to 20+ files at once.
  • Robust Background Noise Removal: Cancels echo, room resonances, and unwanted distortions.
  • Multi-Language Support: Works on all languages and accents.

AI-coustics Platforms

Web app

AI-coustics Tasks

  • Enhance audio quality
  • Eliminate background noise
  • Adjust volume levels
  • Process multiple audio files
  • Customize enhancement settings

AI-coustics Integrations

  • API, SDK

Real-world Applications

Podcasters can elevate their episodes with studio-quality sound, attracting more listeners and sponsors even if they record at home.

YouTubers can stand out by enhancing the audio quality of their videos, making content more engaging and professional.

Educators can deliver top-notch e-learning courses with clear, understandable audio that enhances students’ learning experiences.

Developers can integrate AI-coustics’ API and SDK into various software and hardware to enhance audio quality for telecommunications, automate content creation processes, and embed speech accessibility in consumer devices. For media platforms, podcasting, and video production, AI-coustics offers post-production excellence and real-time processing capabilities.

Imagine recording your grandma’s stories about her childhood adventures and transforming them into a captivating podcast series with studio-quality sound. Her tales could become the next viral hit, enchanting listeners around the world with crystal-clear audio.

Who is AI-coustics for

  • Podcasters
  • YouTubers
  • Educators
  • Developers
  • Digital Creators

Pricing & Discount

FreeFreeEnhance 1 hour/month, MP3 quality, 1 day storage, up to 100 MB file/upload, 10 mins file/upload, 100 MB cloud storage
Starter$10/monthEnhance 10 hours/month, HD Quality, 90 days storage, up to 1.5 GB file/upload, 2 hours file/upload, 50 GB cloud storage
Creator$20/monthEnhance 30 hours/month, HD Quality, 90 days storage, up to 1.5 GB file/upload, 2 hours file/upload, 100 GB cloud storage

AI-coustics Free version



  • Only supports audio enhancement, not video.
  • Limited to 20 files at a time for batch processing.
  • Customization settings require understanding of audio enhancement parameters.


  • Data Privacy: Users need assurance about the security and privacy of their uploaded files.
  • Usability: Non-tech-savvy users might find the API and SDK integration challenging.
  • Compatibility: Limited to web app; no mobile apps available.
  • Cost: Subscription plans might be expensive for hobbyists.
  • Learning Curve: Custom enhancement settings might require a learning period.

Potential Future Developments

AI-coustics could expand to offer mobile applications for on-the-go audio enhancement. Additionally, integrating video enhancement capabilities would attract a broader user base. Introducing more user-friendly customization AI tools and templates could simplify the enhancement process for non-technical users. Enhanced data privacy features and options for enterprise-level plans might also be beneficial.

Enhance your audio recordings effortlessly with AI-coustics and experience studio-quality sound from any device, anywhere.

Try it today with a free hour of enhancement every month.

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