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AI Content Detector Tool by Interested In AI

Keeping AI-Generated Content in Check

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AI Content Detector Tool by Interested In AI is designed to identify AI-generated text. The tool’s primary feature is its ability to evaluate text input and detect if it is AI-created. Users can input up to 1,000 characters per session, while registered users who create a free account gain an extended limit, enabling them to input up to 2,000 characters at a time.


The AI Content Detector Tool offers several key benefits to its users:

  1. Content Verification: It provides a quick and effective means to confirm if a piece of text content has been AI-generated. This is crucial in an era where AI-generated content is becoming increasingly prevalent.
  2. Increased Character Limit: By creating a free account, users gain access to an expanded character limit for each check, enhancing its usefulness for longer pieces of text.

Real-world applications

In real-world scenarios, the AI Content Detector Tool has a broad range of applications. For instance:

  1. Content Publishers: They can use it to ensure the originality of submitted works, maintaining the human touch in their publications.
  2. Educators and Academic Institutions: The tool can help detect AI-generated submissions, preserving academic integrity.
  3. Web Administrators: They can verify content authenticity before publishing on their platforms to maintain quality and credibility.


The AI Content Detector Tool is offered for free. Users are given the option to create a free account, which in turn allows them to analyze longer text pieces with a higher character limit of up to 2,000 characters.


While the AI Content Detector Tool by Interested In AI offers a valuable service, it has certain limitations. The tool’s character limit might restrict its usefulness for evaluating larger pieces of content. Moreover, the tool’s efficacy depends on the sophistication of the AI used to generate the content, and some highly advanced AI-generated texts might not be detectable.


Users may have concerns about data privacy, such as how their text inputs are stored or used by the platform. As the tool processes potentially sensitive information, it is important for users to understand the platform’s data handling and security policies.

Potential Future Developments

In the future, the Interested In AI could incorporate more advanced detection algorithms to their AI content detection tool to increase its accuracy. Moreover, the developers could consider introducing tiered pricing models with higher character limits or additional features, such as batch processing for larger volumes of text or integrations with content management systems to streamline the verification process.

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