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Run an autonomous AI agent with AgentRunner.ai

AgentRunner.ai is an online platform that allows users to create and train autonomous AI agents using the power of GPT-4. With AgentRunner.ai, users can set goals and let their agents decide how to achieve them without any technical knowledge or programming skills required.


AgentRunner.ai provides the following features:


Create autonomous AI agents with unique personalities and memories.


Run your agents to perform tasks or learn new skills.


Decide what your agents can do with built-in actions such as Google search, summarizing content, and finding subreddits.


Use your own OpenAI or Google Cloud accounts.

Logs and Memories

See the details of all actions performed by your agents and the memories accumulated by them.


AgentRunner.ai allows users to create autonomous AI agents that can perform tasks and learn new skills without any technical knowledge or programming skills required. The platform’s easy-to-use interface and built-in actions make it a great tool for non-technical users.

Real-World Applications

AgentRunner.ai can be used for a wide range of applications such as:

Limitations and Concerns

As with any AI tool, AgentRunner.ai has some limitations and concerns to consider:

  • At present, agents have limited capabilities and can only perform built-in actions such as Google search and summarizing content.
  • Agents can get confused and have trouble finding the right information.
  • Agents don’t yet have a long-term memory and can’t execute custom code.
  • Security concerns surrounding agents running custom code.

Availability and Pricing

AgentRunner.ai is currently in beta and available for free. The website does not provide any information regarding future pricing plans.

Potential Future Developments

AgentRunner.ai is an experimental platform, and its developers plan to add more AI actions, increase agents’ capabilities, and allow agents to execute custom code in the future.

Create your account on AgentRunner.ai today and experience the power of creating and training autonomous AI agents.

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