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Afforai: AI Power for Unstructured Business Data

Afforai AI data analysis

Afforai, a groundbreaking no-code platform that harnesses the power of AI to process and extract insights from unstructured data. Afforai empowers businesses, from startups to established corporations, to leverage the value hidden in their unstructured data, such as customer reviews, internal documents, and web content, transforming it into actionable insights.

Continue reading to learn more about our platform’s key features and benefits, real-world applications, pricing, and our journey of creating Afforai. Whether you’re looking to improve your customer understanding, enhance your marketing efforts, or generate insightful data reports, discover how Afforai can equip you with the AI tools you need.

The Afforai Story

Afforai, an AI platform for extracting valuable insights from unstructured data, is the brainchild of experienced data analysts and software developers who felt the limitations of traditional data processing methods firsthand. They saw the untapped potential of unstructured data – a startling 80% of all unused data within organizations, amounting to 97% of total data. Afforai was born out of the necessity to efficiently handle this volume of unstructured information, such as customer reviews, surveys, and text documents. The creators were driven to transform this underused resource into actionable insights for businesses, which led to the development of Afforai Build. As of May 11, 2023, Afforai became a member of the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub, which is a testament to its innovative approach and potential.

How it Works

Utilizing Afforai is straightforward and convenient, making it accessible to teams with varying levels of tech savviness. Here is a step-by-step guide to getting started:

1. Sign Up and Get Started: The first step is to create an account on Afforai’s platform. Upon signing up, users are granted 250 free credits as part of the platform’s public beta testing.

2. Upload Your Data: Afforai supports a wide range of data formats, including text, pdf, docx, and website URLs. Simply upload your unstructured data onto the platform for processing.

3. Utilize Afforai’s Features: Users can then leverage Afforai Build and Afforai Ask to extract insights from their data. Whether it’s analyzing customer reviews for key trends or assisting in creating marketing captions, Afforai’s features offer numerous ways to process and understand your data.

4. Generate Reports and Insights: Once the data has been processed, users can generate reports that detail key findings and insights. These reports can be shared or embedded within your organization to facilitate data-driven decision-making.

5. Implement Insights: Use the insights generated to make informed decisions, improve business strategies, or enhance customer experiences.

6. Earn More Credits: As users engage with the platform, they can earn additional credits through Afforai’s referral program. By referring new users to the platform, you can gain more credits to continue enjoying Afforai’s features.

The user-friendly interface and easy-to-understand process make Afforai an approachable platform for businesses looking to dive into their unstructured data. Afforai’s mission to combine simplicity with functionality results in a powerful tool that requires minimal setup and offers maximum output.

Afforai Build, AI solution for unstructured data analysis

Afforai Features & Benefits

Afforai is rich in features designed to empower businesses by making the most of their unstructured data. Here’s a deep dive into its offerings:

  1. Afforai Build:
    • Feature: This tool assists businesses in transforming unstructured data into actionable insights by analyzing customer reviews, survey responses, and spreadsheets.
    • Benefit: Unveils hidden trends and insights, enabling businesses to make informed decisions that enhance performance and customer satisfaction.
  2. Afforai Ask:
    • Feature: Geared towards improving internal business workflows, this feature facilitates tasks like email and document writing, data reporting, marketing caption creation, and generating job descriptions.
    • Benefit: Improves efficiency by automating routine tasks, thereby saving businesses time and resources.
  3. Support for Multiple Data Formats:
    • Feature: Afforai is compatible with a wide range of data formats, including text, pdf, docx, and website URLs.
    • Benefit: Provides versatility and flexibility to businesses by allowing them to input data in a format that best suits their needs.
  4. Share and Embed Options:
    • Feature: Offers seamless options for sharing insights with team members, customers, or embedding an iframe into your website.
    • Benefit: Facilitates collaboration and increases ease of access to insights, making it simple to share findings and foster a data-driven culture.
  5. Afforai API for Developers:
    • Feature: Allows developers to integrate the AI chatbot into their own platforms.
    • Benefit: Enhances the capability of your existing platforms by integrating AI-powered data processing and providing customized solutions.

Each of these features is designed with a user-first approach, ensuring that businesses can quickly understand and leverage them to enhance their operations. Afforai believes in simplicity, effectiveness, and accessibility, and this philosophy is evident in every feature of our platform.

Afforai Ask, Ai solution for internal business workflows

Real-world applications

Afforai can be employed in numerous real-world scenarios:

Customer Feedback Analysis: Businesses can leverage Afforai to process customer reviews, identifying common trends and sentiments, thus facilitating improved customer experience.


  • A retail company can utilize Afforai to analyze customer reviews on their e-commerce website, determining product strengths and weaknesses, and driving improvements in their offerings.
  • A restaurant chain could use Afforai to process customer feedback across multiple review platforms, enabling them to identify consistent praises or criticisms across different locations, thereby informing operational or menu changes.
  • An online gaming company could deploy Afforai to analyze player reviews and discussions, identifying popular game elements or recurring issues, and informing game updates or development priorities.

Marketing Assistance: The platform can be used to generate catchy captions for social media posts or craft memorable slogans, enhancing the business’s brand appeal.


  • A small business can harness Afforai to generate engaging captions for their social media marketing, allowing them to maintain an active, captivating online presence without the need for a dedicated copywriter.
  • A marketing agency could use Afforai’s Slogan Maker to generate a range of memorable slogans for a client’s new product campaign, providing a creative springboard and saving brainstorming time.
  • An e-commerce platform could use Afforai to quickly create compelling product descriptions, enhancing the appeal of their listings and potentially improving conversion rates.

Data Report Generation: Businesses can generate insightful reports from unstructured data for presentations, aiding in informed decision-making.


  • A healthcare provider could use Afforai to generate reports from patient feedback and incident reports, helping them to understand patient experiences and improve quality of care.
  • A tech start-up could leverage Afforai to create insightful reports from their user engagement data, identifying key usage patterns and informing product development strategies.
  • A financial institution could use Afforai to generate detailed reports from transaction data, helping them to spot market trends or unusual activities more effectively.

Afforai Pricing

While Afforai is currently free to use as part of its public beta testing, the platform operates on a credit system. Every user is granted 250 free credits monthly, which are renewed every 30 days. The number of credits required for tasks can vary, depending largely on the length and complexity of the data. However, an average user is estimated to utilize around 180 credits per month.

For users keen on gaining access to more platform features or looking to handle larger volumes of data, Afforai provides an opportunity to earn additional credits through the Referral Program. Here’s how it works: users can find a unique referral link in the Referral Program section of their profile. Every new user who signs up via this link earns the referrer an additional 100 credits. Notably, there is no limit to the number of referral credits a user can earn, making it a lucrative option for heavy users. This not only aids in promoting the platform but also provides users with the flexibility to access more of Afforai’s powerful features.

As the platform evolves, more options surrounding the credit system and access to features may be introduced to cater to varying user requirements. Rest assured that any changes will be geared towards enhancing the user experience and providing greater value to our users.


Despite its strengths, Afforai has some limitations:

  • The number of AI chatbots a user can create at any given time is limited to two.
  • Heavy users may find the credit system limiting if their requirements exceed the 250 free credits provided each month.

Data security

Data security is a paramount concern for users. Afforai’s server is hosted on Render, employing industry-standard AES-256 encryption to secure all sensitive data. They have stringent protocols in place to maintain the confidentiality of user data and explicitly seek user consent before processing their data.

Potential Future Developments

Future enhancements of Afforai may include support for additional data formats and more advanced data analysis features. As the platform grows, it may also offer a paid version for heavy users, with unlimited chatbot creations and more credits.

Importance of Capitalizing on Unstructured Data

Unstructured data, that is, data that isn’t pre-defined or organized in a specific manner, such as emails, social media posts, customer reviews, and documents, constitutes a vast majority of data within organizations. Despite this, it often remains untapped due to the complexity involved in analyzing and interpreting it. However, the insights gleaned from unstructured data can uncover unexpected trends or hidden connections, sparking new ideas for products, services, or business strategies. Organizations that can efficiently analyze unstructured data often gain a competitive edge, as they can react faster to market trends or changes in customer behavior.

If you’re interested in harnessing the potential of unstructured data for your business, Afforai may offer a comprehensive solution. The platform’s focus on simplicity, functionality, and robust AI capabilities make it an attractive choice for businesses aiming to derive valuable insights from their data. Its free availability during public beta testing provides an excellent opportunity to explore how this tool can add value to your data analysis efforts. Check out their website for more information and to get started with your free credits.

Message from Afforai

As one of the founders of Afforai, I can attest that our innovation was inspired by our collective experience working in data science and dealing with the challenges of extracting and analyzing unstructured data. We recognized the need for a cost-effective and time-saving solution that could provide customized insights and improve business operations, and we used our expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language processing to develop a platform that could effectively extract information from unstructured data sources.

Alec Nguyen
Founder, CEO

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