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2short: Create YouTube Shorts, TikToks, Reels

2short AI youtubes to shorts generation


2short is an AI-powered tool designed to assist YouTube creators in transforming their long videos into short clips. It aims to simplify the creation of engaging shorts for platforms like YouTube Shorts, TikToks, and Instagram Reels, facilitating increased viewership and subscriber growth. As an AI solution, it analyzes video content to highlight and repurpose compelling segments into shorter clips. The availability of the tool as a web app, mobile app, software, or browser extension is not specified.

Features & Benefits

  • Center Stage Facial Tracking: Keeps speakers in focus during clips, enhancing the viewer’s experience.
  • One-Click Animated Subtitles: Adds engagement to videos, making them accessible and entertaining.
  • Unlimited High-Quality Exports: Allows for watermark-free exports at 1080p resolution for superior video quality.
  • Versatile Aspect Ratios: Supports multiple video formats to cater to different social media platforms.
  • Advanced Editing Tools: Offers flexibility for creators who want more control over their video edits.
  • Brand Presets: Enables personal branding on videos with logos and overlays for a professional look.

Real-world Applications

2short can benefit various industries by providing an easy way to create short, engaging video content. Content creators, educators, marketers, and social media managers can leverage 2short to amplify their digital presence. The AI’s capability to extract pivotal moments from videos makes it applicable for enhancing learning materials, product demonstrations, and branding efforts. It simplifies video editing, which can be particularly beneficial for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses aiming to produce high-quality video content consistently.

Pricing & Discount

PlanPriceAI Video AnalysisServer-Side ExportsFeatures
StarterFree15 minutes/monthFull feature access
Lite$9.90/mo5 hours/month15 minutes/monthAd-free, full feature access
Pro$19.90/mo25 hours/month75 minutes/monthBeta features, priority support
Premium$49.90/mo100 hours/month300 minutes/month


While 2short streamlines the video editing process, it has limitations in processing only videos with existing captions, which could be a setback for content without them. The AI analysis is limited to the monthly hours provided in each plan, potentially restricting frequent or large-scale video creators who require more.


Potential concerns for users may include the quality of AI-selected highlights, dependency on video captions for processing, and the privacy of content handled by AI. Users may also consider the compatibility of exported videos with various platforms and the ease of integrating these clips into a broader content strategy.

Potential Future Developments

2short could potentially enhance its AI to include real-time video analysis, broaden language support, and integrate with other content creation tools. Further developments might introduce more nuanced editing features, adapt to changes in social media platform algorithms, and incorporate user feedback for continuous improvement.

How to Use 2short

  1. Copy your YouTube video link.
  2. Paste it into the 2short app.
  3. Allow the AI to generate shorts from your video content.

Best Practices for 2short

  • Maximize the AI Analysis Hours: Plan your content calendar to stay within your plan’s analysis hours.
  • Utilize Brand Presets: Consistently use brand presets to establish visual identity across all platforms.
  • Explore Editing Tools: Use advanced editing options for fine-tuning automatic selections by the AI.

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