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Introduction to Large Language Models

Key TakeawaysDetails
Course NameIntroduction to Large Language Models
PlatformOnline Learning Platform
Duration1 hour 5 minutes
SkillsUnderstanding LLMs, Use Cases, Prompt Tuning, Google’s Gen AI Development Tools


This course serves as a foundational introduction to the world of Large Language Models (LLMs), explaining their significance, diverse applications, and how to enhance their performance through prompt tuning. It also navigates through Google’s Gen AI development tools, offering a unique opportunity for learners to understand and begin developing their own Gen AI apps. Designed for a general audience, this course requires no prior knowledge, making it an excellent starting point for anyone curious about the capabilities and potential of LLMs.

WHO is teaching?

The course content is delivered through a combination of video lectures, readings, and a quiz, designed by experts in AI and LLM technology.

WHAT is covered?

  • Definition of Large Language Models (LLMs): An introduction to what LLMs are.
  • LLM Use Cases: A dive into various scenarios where LLMs can be effectively utilized.
  • Prompt Tuning: Techniques on enhancing LLM performance.
  • Google’s Gen AI Development Tools: Overview of tools provided by Google for developing Gen AI apps.

SKILLS to be developed

  • Foundational Understanding of LLMs: Gain a solid introductory knowledge of LLMs.
  • Application Knowledge: Learn about the diverse applications of LLMs.
  • Technical Skills: Understand the basics of prompt tuning to optimize LLM performance.
  • Tool Familiarity: Get acquainted with Google’s tools for AI development.


This course is tailored for beginners. It assumes no prior knowledge of large language models, making it accessible to anyone interested in AI, regardless of their background.


Embark on your AI journey with “Introduction to Large Language Models.” This free, beginner-level course offers a comprehensive overview without requiring any prerequisites. Whether you’re simply curious about AI or looking to develop your own Gen AI apps with Google’s tools, this course provides the insights and knowledge to get started. Join learners from around the globe and dive into the world of LLMs today.

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