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About Ethics of AI

The Ethics of AI is an insightful, free online course offered by the University of Helsinki, focusing on the ethical aspects of artificial intelligence. This course is an excellent resource for anyone eager to delve into AI ethics, aiming to foster an understanding of ethical AI development and encouraging learners to adopt an ethical viewpoint towards AI technologies.

WHO is Teaching

  • Dr. Anna-Mari Rusanen: A philosopher of artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences, specializing in human-machine interaction ethics and computational explanations. She is a university lecturer in cognitive science at the University of Helsinki and a senior specialist in AI ethics at the Finnish Ministry of Finance.
  • Jukka K. Nurminen: A Professor at the Department of Computer Science, focusing on developing data-intensive software systems, ethical decision-making in AI, and innovative computing platforms like quantum computers and edge computing.

WHAT is Covered

  • Introduction to AI Ethics: Exploring the basic ethical concerns of AI.
  • Non-maleficence: Ethical actions in AI development.
  • Accountability: Responsibility in AI applications.
  • Transparency: Understanding AI’s mechanisms.
  • Human Rights: AI’s role in upholding rights.
  • Fairness: Ensuring non-discrimination in AI.
  • AI Ethics in Practice: Future directions in AI ethics.

SKILLS to be Developed

  • Understanding of ethical challenges in AI.
  • Application of ethical theories in AI contexts.
  • Development of ethical thinking skills related to AI.
  • Insights into global and societal impacts of AI.


  • General: Accessible to anyone interested in AI’s ethical aspects, regardless of their background.

The AI course is unique in its practical approach, allowing learners to apply ethical concepts to real-world AI scenarios, making it invaluable for both laypersons and professionals in the digital era.

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